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“Hodges Bay Employees Receive Severance“ say Hughes

The majority of staff laid off from the Hodges Bay Resort earlier this year when the Corona Virus crisis took hold have been receiving their severance pay while a few others remain outstanding.  Hodges Bay is just one of several resorts across the country that has had to deal with the issue of severance for employees, following the temporary closure of the travel and hospitality industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jeff Wellemeyer, confirmed to the Antiguan Trumpet today that the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU) and the Resort have worked out a payment structure and the amounts and timelines for severance payments have been agreed and payments have already been disbursed to affected employees.

“We have worked with the ABWU who are the bargaining agents at the Resort and everyone has gotten one payment, with a second and final payment due for some at the end of August,” Wellemeyer said.  This was corroborated by Deputy General Secretary of the ABWU, Chester Hughes, who said at least 95 percent of the staff being represented by the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union have received their first payment.

Hughes also explained that, following discussions with the Resort, it was concluded that the money be paid in two installments. With the first installment now paid, the second is due at the end of August for one group of employees, and at the end of September for the other group. We are happy to have worked out this arrangement with Hodges Bay Club on behalf of our members. 

The Union is now working feverishly with a number of other properties to finalize arrangement for their employees. When asked who are some of those properties Hughes said Hermitage Bay, Curtain Bluff and The INN  are some we are talking with at this time.

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