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Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers respond to Pointe Express

The Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers in a release from it General Secretary Mrs. Annetta Alexander-Hunt categorically refuted an article which was published in the  Point Express news paper on 26th August 2020 claiming that “the Union supports the Government’s decision to make changes to the regulations which apply to students in classrooms and persons under the age of eighteen(18) traveling alone”.

The Union stated in its release “Let it be absolutely clear that the A&BUT was not consulted on the proposed changes to any regulations and therefore did not provide any support”. They went on to state that “it was the Government who announced their intention to amend the physical distancing law from 6ft to a strict 3ft  during the Cabinet Press briefing on Thursday 20th August 2020 and not the General Secretary of the A&BUT”.

The release highlighted that Teachers expressed their outrage and displeasure about the reduction of the physical distance to accommodate more students in the class room thus compromising the health and safety of both teachers and students alike. The union however reached out to the Minister of Education and a compromise was reach in the language of 3 to 6ft instead of a strict 3ft. During the meeting the union reiterated its position that schools will ideally use 6ft physical distancing and the A&BUT will not compromise the health and safety of teachers and student in accommodating more students in the classroom.

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