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PM accuses complaining pensioners of playing politics, and blames late payments on drop in private-sector deposits

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is hitting out at retirees who complain about the continued late payments of Social Security pensions.

During an Observer Radio interview on Thursday, November 5, Browne said the pensioners who are speaking out are motivated by partisan politics.

He also suggested that these persons were being ungrateful, while others were being appropriately thankful for being paid what is owed to them.

Late payment of Social-Security pensions had become the norm even before the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the Prime Minister blamed the situation on the closure of many businesses and the consequent drop in monthly contributions from the private sector.

Efforts are being made to normalize operations at the statutory corporation, Browne said.  In the meantime, he claims to have recommended that the Scheme dialogue with the commercial banks in order to secure a moratorium on late-payment fees that pensioners are accruing.


  1. The pensioners are being punished for complaining about late payment. If that money is ones only source of income then some are in dire straits . As at November 17th only ACB has received payments for pensioners. There is nothing political about the complaint for many just a genuine need for the monies they are entitled too.


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