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Scores of Employees at Carlisles Bay Antigua laid-off for 3 week

Employees of Carlisle Bay Antigua were once again on 16th February 2021, furnished with lay off letters to take effect for approximately 3 weeks effective 22nd February 2021.  This is the second wave of layoff for this group of employee as the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to affect the Hospitality Sector.

The Hotel was experiencing a rise in cancellations along with slow bookings for February were the main issues causing this second layoff.  Although the hotel will not close employees who are retained would be placed on shortened work doing 3 day rotations. 

The Hotel stated to employees in the letter “It is important to note that at this point we have exhausted all possible initiatives as we work to protect the livelihood of the team.”  

The letter went on to state “ with the occupancy falling sharply this weekend into the single digits we have now been forced to make the difficult decision to put team members on layoff for approximately three weeks from 22 February 2021.” below is the full text of the letter to staff of the hotel:


  1. Wow they were laid off for 6 months last year from 28th March to 28th September 2020, the hotel reopened in October, they were laid off a month after that and now laid off again. OH MY GOSH!!

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