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How One Small Group is Trying to Make a Big Difference in Antigua

In the midst of worldwide unrest, economic uncertainties, and mental health related tragedies, several individuals have formed charitable organizations to assist the less fortunate people of Antigua and Barbuda.

One such group is Youths Arise Antigua-which consists of a number of like-minded and motivated young people striving to make a positive difference in the country.

Who is Youths Arise? (Organization’s official portfolio)


We are a group of young, talented visionaries, lovers of growth and prosperity among our generation. We united as parents, teachers, students, entrepreneurs and as individuals with an interest in making a difference within our country. Our motivation is driven by the undervalue and misuse of our talented and ambitious youths who need that last step of motivation and guidance due to living in a world where every move made is watched and talked upon. We want to highlight the many gifted innovations, we have acquired from our life lessons combined with our own intellect. Though we may be a non-profit organization, our greatest income is our achievements and peace of mind in making a difference and thriving to empower youths to open their hearts, mind while allowing doors to be opened for themselves and others.


To become Antigua and Barbuda’s Youth Power House through, aid, public interactions and our creativity.


To bring inspiration and innovation to every youth in Antigua and Barbuda through empowerment.

Speaking to the Antiguan Trumpet in an exclusive interview, President Makiba Ward explained her personal aspirations for the group and how she intends to make a change in Antigua.

“Our youths shall be positive leaders for our future generations, it’s time for our youths to be leaders and not followers. The main duty of youths is to change corruption. Youths Arise Antigua will continue the mission to build a better future for our youths, as we stand by our motto: Together we rise, together we strive to make a difference in someone’s life,” she said proudly.

(Makiba Ward- President and founder of Youths Arise Antigua receives an award)

So far, the organization has contributed to several individuals and families across the island, from the homeless, to single mothers affected by the pandemic.

In April of this year, the group hosted a live webinar via their Facebook page, where they addressed issues within the Antiguan community. Members shared their views and official statistics of some sensitive topics including mental health illnesses, self-love, and gender inclusivity. This was done in an effort to bring awareness to these issues.

In June, they presented awards to selected primary and secondary school students. They also hosted a back-to-school drive distributing school bags and supplies to less fortunate children.

Their empathy and enthusiasm to help the needy seems almost limitless as they continue to help people of all ages. Earlier this month, they hosted their second ‘Feed the Needy’ initiative which saw more than 30 homeless individuals receive healthy lunches at the soup kitchen in St. John’s.

(Youths Arise members at Thanksgiving Feed the Needy Initiative in St. John’s)

(Youths Arise members at Thanksgiving Feed the Needy Initiative in St. John’s)

When asked about future endeavors, Ms. Ward explained that there is much more to come but the team is currently preparing for a Christmas toy drive set for the 18th of December. The aim of this initiative is to spread Christmas joy to less fortunate children within Antigua.

You can find Youths Arise on Facebook- Youths Arise Antigua | Facebook

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