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The BVI Good Governance Agenda

TGH Today – Your Government has introduced a draft Bill for Integrity in Public Life Legislation to Cabinet in December 2020. Below are 10 benefits of the proposed legislation.

1. Integrity in Public Life Legislation (and Codes of Conduct) support Good Governance by providing a buffer against corruption in public affairs.

2. By reducing or eliminating corruption in public affairs, citizens get better value for their tax dollars.

3. Anti-corruption legislation gives a higher assurance of fairness and that investors or contracting companies will not be frustrated or extorted.

4. Integrity in Public Life Legislation (and Codes of Conduct) provides an objective framework for shedding light on allegations of misconduct by public officials.

5. Integrity legislation strengthens local institutions. Institutions can perform more independently and objectively. Stronger institutions enhance the country’s resilience.

6. Integrity legislation demonstrates the maturity of a people to ensure that their Governance is conducted according to the highest standards.

7. When Governance is conducted with integrity, it helps the people to have confidence in their Government.

8. By posing as a barrier to corruption, Integrity legislation facilitates fair competition and rewards based on merit.

9. Integrity legislation also applies to appointments and promotions in the Public Service. Senior Public Officials are prevented from abusing their powers to interfere with appointments and promotions.

10. Integrity legislation can contribute to reducing crime or keeping crime down.

The Integrity in Public Life Act, 2020 will be subsequently introduced in the House of Assembly by the Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Andrew A. Fahie.

Your Government is committed to strengthening the Virgin Islands and its Good Governance institutions.

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