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Director of Education is ‘well satisfied’ with preparations for schools’ reopening

Unlike the National Parents Teachers Association (NPTA), the Director of Education, Clare Browne, is pleased with the preparations put in place for yesterday’s re-opening of school.  Browne says he visited four plants – the Antigua Grammar School, the Ottos Comprehensive School, All Saints Secondary School and J.T. Ambrose Primary – and got the opportunity to see, first hand, the preparations undertaken.

He says he left those compounds feeling “well satisfied” that the principals, deputy principals and faculty did an excellent job in getting the schools protocol-ready for the students’ return.  Further, Browne says he is confident that this applies to the schools he was not able to visit.

The Education Director says he spoke with many of the students, the majority of whom expressed excitement at being back to school.  Browne is aware, however, that not everything is perfect, or where things should be, at this stage; but he says this is a work in progress.

Meanwhile, Browne thanks the many agencies and departments for their “herculean” efforts in getting things in place for Monday’s reopening.  They include the Ministry of Works, the Board of Education, the Ministry of Health and Central Board of Health, and the Principals and support staff of the various schools.

Meanwhile the decision to delay opening of six schools was taken ‘out of an abundance of caution,’ Clare Browne explains.  The Director of Education is explaining why six schools were unable to open their doors on Monday.

On the weekend, public notices were sent out to advise parents that several  institutions would not open as scheduled, on September 7, but would swing open their doors on Wednesday September 9, instead. The notices did not give reasons for the delays; they attempted to convince parents that all was being done to ensure that the school plants would be safe for their children’s return.

However, Clare Browne says these public schools were not opened for sundry reasons:  Five Islands and Golden Grove Primaries in Zone One and Bendals, Buckleys, Liberta and Cobbs Cross Primaries in Zone Three.  Reportedly, they are now set to open their doors on Wednesday. 

He says the decision to postpone their opening was taken out of an abundance of caution.  Meanwhile, all the schools in Zone Two opened without any issues, Browne says.

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