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Hon. Charles Max Fernandez your Constituency is dirty.

Residents in Rural North are expressing their disgust with the “nasty” condition of the constituency.  One Cedar Grove resident is giving voice to their complaints about the filthy and overgrown gutters in that village, and the garbage accumulating in the gutters or on various parcels of lands.

In particular, she points to the Cedar Grove Main Road and the dirt and grass that appear to cover the stretch of sidewalk, and the black stagnant water in the drains.  The woman says it is disgraceful that this stretch of road is kept in such a condition when it is travelled daily by a number of Government officials, including the Governor-General.

She is calling on the Parliamentary representative, Charles “Max” Fernandez, and his liaison officers to address the matter – which she sees as a public-health issue – immediately.  Residents in the constituency pay their taxes and deserve and demand better representation, she declares.  Meanwhile, a Yorks Village woman says she, too, is appalled at the state of her community, especially with its overgrown sidewalks, and cannot recall the last time the sides of the roads were cut.

According to her, COVID-19 will be blamed for the issue, but this was the case even before the pandemic, she says.  She adds that many areas of that village are plagued with filthy gutters and the community is littered with garbage.

The Yorks resident says she sees the liaison officers traveling through the village, and finds it unethical that they are receiving money every month but not ensuring that issues such as these are addressed.  She is calling on MP Fernandez to do the work for which he was elected and represent the people.

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