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Exploring our Alternatives – Let’s win this Challenge – PART I

“By Hazel Luke”

The ‘new normal’ is a media blitz platform designed and set for the world population to buy into the idea that now and into the future, the only thing that we will be required to do, is wear a mask and depend only on the direction of Hellenistic philosophy of cynicism of ‘denying one’s natural inclination’ which of course will lead us into discovering our true selves, and to just ‘endure’ and not respond to both our internal and external circumstances, and help each other to grow. 

We will always be co-dependent and therefore a community cannot grow if we go towards a ‘me-myself-and I” approach because we will defeat the purpose of national growth. Each man for himself cannot be experimented with survival for the fittest either because it will leave a whole generation behind without a legacy or springboard for collective resilience and determination.

We are now required to investigate, research and present all our alternatives which include rediscovering our innate abilities, potentials, talents, gifts, all that we have that were dormant to the core and unearth for our sakes, our children, families, community and nation what we will do next.

A human being is much than he perceives himself to be, and if we became reliant on only on a job, we have simply denied our existence as one created with incomparable intelligence, that with just some right stimulation will do wonders. So now, the question, “What will you do.”? The time for blame is over!

One of the proactive measures that bring about real economic growth, during and after a crisis, is that during the crisis there should be a strong focus on training, retraining and educating the population and this means; the soon-to-be employed persons, the unemployed and the employed into a well-educated and disciplined labor force.

The other has to do with the application of a well thought-out mission to promote economic growth through close cooperation between the government and big businesses, and that which include the input of non-governmental organizations.

Indeed, if COVID-19 pandemic is saying anything to us,  it is ringing loudly to get on with finding alternatives, even if it seems unorthodox because we are not accustomed, it must engage principles and systems that regulate behavior and performance, and guarantee of life- time, safe employment. 

We have many examples over many decades of pandemics, recessions and catastrophes, and in the same light we have seen massive recovery and economic successes, but it included allowing the population accessing agriculture resources for light manufacturing, textile craft manufacturing, and to assume new importance to tinsmiths, blacksmiths and metal smiths which were once the bedrock work in our communities.

I read in a craft journal from a writer from the University of Denmark quite some time ago, and I kept this little piece from the article that spoke of the Behavioural Turn to industry, and it is meaningful for us today because we are in the same predicament and need to find our way out permanently. “In the 18th century, when people used to craft textiles and garments for their personal and family use there was much more supporting it than just the act of knitting, weaving, sewing etc. Rituals of making together used to bring people into workshops to craft high quality items. Those activities tightened bonds between makers and made them share much more than a skill with each other. They shared life experiences. Everything was made with a heart and soul in it, therefore with exceptional quality and purpose to last as long as possible.

We can make if we only work harder and to commit ourselves to getting it done and go beyond a mediocrity society to par excellence nation so that we prove our worth for having lived on this earth as Intelligent Beings.

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