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PABRO Donates to Parham Clinic

The Parham Alliance Beautification and Revitalization Organization (PABRO) remains committed to serving the Parham community and made a timely donation to the Parham Community Clinic. A PABRO representative and the donor came together to present the equipment to Parham Clinic. Nurse Francis accepted the donation of a Digital Medical Scale on Tuesday, 15th August, and looks forward to utilizing the equipment in the provision of healthcare at the clinic. This donation follows a string of donations made possible by Parhamites at home and abroad who are devoted to assisting PABRO to fulfil its aim and vision for Parham Town. The PABRO thanks everyone for their contributions thus far.

The Parham Alliance Beautification and Revitalization Organization (PABRO) is a registered non-profit organization under the Friendly Societies Act, Cap 184 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda, Revised Edition.

The aim and vision of the PABRO are to beautify and revitalize Parham Town. To build and sustain community capacity and self-sufficiency by developing, promoting, and advancing economic growth and viability with special emphasis on youth development, education, health, eldercare, sports, and preservation of the heritage, culture, and overall environment of Parham Town.

There is still much to be done to restore the vibrant community spirit within Parham. PABRO invites community members to join us on this journey by becoming active members of the organization. To sign up, visit parhamtown.org and complete the registration or contact us through our social media platforms. (instagram – pabr_o, Facebook – PABRO, [email protected], whatsapp 771-8566).

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