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Asot and St. Peter – It’s A family affair

Four term Member of Parliament for St Peter Asot Michael says his relationship with the constituency has transcended politics to become a family affair.

In an interview on ABS Television program Antigua and Barbuda Today, Mr. Michael was asked about the reasons for loyalty to him in the constituency:

The loyalty is that my constituents do not see me just as a politician and I don’t see them just as voters. We have developed a bond of love… a family… They come to my home, eat at my table… I have an opendoor policy. I see my constituents every single Thursday – 60, 70 of them at my office. They wake up my 81yearold Mom (who just passed away) on a Sunday, sometimes at 7 o’clock in the morning

They are all part of my family.

“I go into their homes and they understand, my constituents understand that when they are in need of advice, counseling, financial assistance… with their bills, their children, for school fees, that I am here for them. For medicals, for education… Not just at election time to come and bang on your door and say I want your vote and then for the next five years you don’t see them. So, they know I have passed the test of loyalty dedication and commitment to my constituents”.

Mr. Michael has been the Member of Parliament for St. Peter for the past 18 years having won 4 straight elections as a candidate of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party. He is contesting the January 18th, 2023 election as an independent candidate.

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