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Human Resource Professional Day Celebrated Yesterday

Every year on September 26, Human Resource professionals are recognized and the importance of their work is highlighted by observing Human Resource Professional Day (HRPD).

Laurie Louard, president of the Human Resource Professionals of Antigua and Barbuda, spoke on HRP Day and provided insight into the mission of the organization he heads.

Louard said, “Human Resource Professional day started in the United States and it is a day set aside to show appreciation to Human Resource professionals and also highlight the profession and encourage persons to become a part of this worthy profession.”

The President indicated that The Human Resource Professionals of Antigua and Barbuda is a professional association of Human Resource professionals and practitioners.

The mission of the organization is to enhance the HR profession for national development in the country.

He clarified that the organization wants to practice their trade, not “simply to advance for the sake of advancing but in a constructive manner so that every single person in Antigua and Barbuda, who is employed; whether self-employed or working for or with somebody else is making a meaningful contribution to the development of Antigua and Barbuda.”

The organization’s other goals include encouraging best practices that are compliant with the labour code and offering a network of support to its members, he said.

“We are also hoping to ensure that our members, our HR professionals who look to us for guidance and seek some support through our network are doing things the right way. So we advocate for best practices, keeping in mind our labour code because this is our overarching guidance as HR professionals.”

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