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From rags to Recovery- Activist Mary John Helps Transform Yet Another Life

One woman who has been leading the way in the transformation of lives across Antigua, is now in the process of helping one of the most popular homeless individuals in St. Johns.

Exactly 13 days ago, John took the young man named Daniel into her care, cleaned him up and started treating him for a serious foot fungus.

Over the next few days, with the help of some others, she was able to keep him clean, fed, and clothed; even treating him to ice cream at one point.

Daniel is well known to the public for his unique attire which usually consists of old jewelry and layers of clothing.

John’s intention is to get Daniel admitted to ClareviewPsychiatric Hospital so that he can receive the care and rehabilitation that he needs. According to John’s Facebook posts, this is proving to be a challenge, however she remains hopeful for a positive outcome.

John’s enthusiasm and empathy in helping the abused, homeless, abandoned and forgotten is truly an inspiration. This is not her first project of its kind: over the years she has helped scores of individuals to get back on their feet; people who seem to have been invisible until she stepped in to help transform their lives. John documents her stories via her Facebook page Turks Lee | Facebook.

We can all take a page from John’s book in helping the needy within our shores.

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