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Parents are still encouraged to get children vaccinated

Deputy Chairman of the National Technical Working Group on COVID-19 vaccination Dr Courtney Lewis, says parents should still consider vaccinating their children under five years old, despite the decrease in Covid-19 infections.

The Omicron variant posed a serious threat at the start of the year, but since then, new infections in the country have slowed.

“Probably six months ago I would have said no because COVID did not seem to have a prolific pediatric profile, as aggressively but now with research on the omicron variant people are now noticing more cases and hospitalization in pediatric ages,” says Dr Lewis.

Lewis added that “even though there is this general sense that omicron may not be as severe as delta and you should not fear it as much, that may not necessarily be true in the context of our little ones.

They are showing up at the hospital in much greater numbers because of omicron and they are getting sicker and staying in the hospital longer because of omicron.”

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