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100lb cooking gas to increase by $20 as of Friday

The knock-on effect from the increase of fuel prices now seems to be impacting Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) with news emerging that the price for the 100 pound cylinder is expected to increase on April 1.

A caller to a local radio station indicated that after placing a call to the distributor of her cooking gas she was informed of the price increase.

The Villa resident says that she was also told that if she paid for the tank by Thursday (March 31) she would get it for the customary $155 price.

However, on Friday (April 1) it would increase by $20 to $175.

Apparently the distributors who have to transport the 100-pound gas cylinders to businesses and private residents are feeling the pinch from the recent fuel increase.

Therefore, the burden is being passed on to the consumers.

Only taxi and bus operators and fishermen have been given a subsidy on fuel, in order to avoid an increase in public transportation fares and the price for seafood.

The price for fuel increased at the pumps on Tuesday, March 15 from $12.50 to $15.50 per gallon for gasoline while diesel has moved to $15.70 per gallon. (Real News)

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