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Jamaica- Four-Year-Old Dies After Being Left in Teacher’s Car, family members suspicious

A family and community Rollington Town are in mourning after a horrific incident that claimed the life of a four-year-old boy.

The deceased, Jordaine Clarke was allegedly left in a teacher’s car on Thursday, 24 February. The teacher is said to have carried a group of students to the school, as part of a normal routine, but on the morning in question, she allegedly forgot to remove the boy from the vehicle.

Later in the day, the teacher reportedly went back to the car and discovered the unconscious child. He was then taken to the Bustamante Hospital for Children where he was pronounced dead.

“The child was taken to school by the teacher… and it seems as if everyone got out of the car and did not remember or figured more or less that the child had gotten out of the car,” Superintendent TomieleeChambers explained.

Family members have been questioning the teacher’s account based on the untidy nature of Jordaine’s clothes which they say could not be possible if he was left in the vehicle, as his clothes were clean when he boarded the educator’s car for school on Thursday.

“Mi baby dutty… and she (the teacher) say him nuh come out a di car. How di hell you fi bring pickney come a school and di rest a dem come out a di car and one lef back and yuh nuh know and yuh a him teacher?” questioned a grief-stricken Curtis Clarke, father of the deceased.

Jordaine’s aunt, Tabia said, that only one of his shoes was reportedly found in the vehicle.

“One foot a shoes deh inna the car wit di baby. Where is the next foot a shoes? Di next foot a shoes can’tfind,” she exclaimed in an interview on Friday.

“Di baby pants yah so dirty up. Mi can show yuh di picture pan di phone; mi can show yuh how him come a school,” the deceased aunt said, showing a photograph of Jordaine neatly dressed on the morning of the tragedy.

“When we go di hospital go look pan di baby, yah so a di pants dirty up. Di baby dirty!” she contended.

This is the second child who died in Jamaica since the start of the year after being left in a car, the first being the 1-year-old daughter of a Police officer.

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