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MoE Director shares remark on COVID protocol adherence

Director of Education Clare Browne is concerned that if the public fails to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols, it could negatively impact the school system.
He says, “when the COVID numbers go up; definitely, the first place to shut down is our schools. If we get vaccinated and boosted but we do not practise the protocols, the numbers will go up.”
Browne added that if cases increase, it is likely there will be hospitalisations and once those numbers increase and the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed, schools will be the first to close.
“We really want to keep our students in schools, we want to keep schools open for as long as we can,” the Director expressed.
Clare Browne spoke about optimism about the new term but is concerned that the ministry’s plans for advancing education can be derailed if the situation declines.
Schools across the island opened on January 3 for face to face learning.

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