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Best Outdoor Activities In Antigua

You live where people dream of vacationing; where people in concrete jungles work hard for months to be able to save up and travel to. You live on a Caribbean Island-the only one with a beach for every day of the year. You live in paradise. So why are you bored?

Let’s face it, life in Antigua and Barbuda can get pretty stressful, but that happens to everyone, everywhere. And it is absolutely no reason to just work and go home day in day out. There are many different outdoor activities that you can do in Antigua and Barbuda that are sure to boost your serotonin. Here are a few:


First on our list is the one thing we take for granted: The water. Far too many times, you mention the beach to people and they say “Na. That’s boring. Me tired go beach. “But enjoying the ocean isn’t just about liming on the shore flaunting your swimsuit and taking selfies. Nor is it about taking a quick duck in the water and heading back home. There are many watersport activities that you can enjoy in Antigua and Barbuda including:

Sea kayaking
Reef riding
Scuba diving
Swimming with stingrays
Boat tours
Stand-up paddleboarding
Beach Volleyball
Scooter Snorkeling


Tour the Island

In life, sometimes, we must look at things from different viewpoints so how about looking at the islands from a different viewpoint? You can plan an island tour with a group of friends or family and visit some of the monumental areas such as Shirleys Heights, Fort James, Betty’s Hope, and the Museum. And for those of you who’ve grown tired of these places, how about taking your children for an excursion and teach them some history. You can even organize a picnic at any of these spots.

Aside from touring, hiking is the next best way to enjoy the scenery of the island. Hiking in Antigua has grown to be very popular in recent times, with many groups offering hiking tours for those seeking fitness improvements or just a change of pace on the weekend. Here are some of the best hiking trails in Antigua:

Mount Obama
Carpenter Rock Trail
Jones Valley Trail
Middle Ground Trail
Shirleys Heights Lookout Trail
Wallings Dam (9 Trails)
Rendezvous beach trail
Monks Hill and Fort George
Fort Barrington Trail
Green Castle Hill Trail

Last, and definitely not least, you can explore some notable natural formations like Mermaid Gardens, Green Castle Hill, Carpenters Rock and Devils Bridge.

Ecotours and Camping

These are the activities that we, as locals tend to see as tourist activities. But why shouldn’t you bask in the magical nature of your own island that you were born and raised on? While you’re thinking of a reason, here are some amazing ecotours in Antigua:

Explore the lush forest on an exhilarating zipliningadventure with Antigua Rainforest Zipline Tours
Glide through the mangroves at South Coast Horizons

You can also enjoy camping or even glamping, which is a more luxurious experience.

There are many things to do in Antigua. These are just a couple and you can always do some more research online to learn about the amazing fun things to do on this incredible and beautiful island.

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