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Top 100 Achievers for Grade Six National Assessment Awarded

The top 100 students of this year’s Grade 6 National Assessment Awards were awarded for their achievements on Sunday via a virtual ceremony.  

The ninth annual CIBC First Caribbean Grade Six National Assessment Awards presented awards to the 100 best performers including the top student Alaine E Challenger of Grace Christian Academy.  

Minister of Education Daryll Matthew congratulated the students and everyone involved in their successes. He also noted that a collective effort is required in order for the country to develop.

 “So, when schools require support, let’s give that support. When we see challenges in homes, let us reach out and try to assist. When we see children doing well, let us hold their hands and help them to do better,” he said in a speech during the ceremony. 

Branch Manager of CIBC Dawn Soleyn also congratulated the students.  

“Your academic ability is a divine blessing to you so you are obligated to live up to being God fearing people, who are good, kind and helpful to others. To be thankful and respectful to those who have helped you to achieve and to bring out your best and you are obligated to give of your best – as if you want to accomplish more, you must keep on that path,” she said. 

The students were awarded in 3 categories- Gold, silver and bronze.  

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