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Keep “yuh” promise

Grenada – Meanwhile President of the Grenada Public Workers Union is thanking Government for its goodwill gesture of double salary to frontline workers and half month pay for others in some instances, but the gesture does not trump the empty promises made Brian Grimes says.

In an interview with Antiguan Trumphet Grimes said, Government during the sitting of parliament has been boasting about increments paid to the workers at the T. A. Marryshow Community college- this he says is owed to the workers.

While some have benefited from the increments Grimes says more than one hundred workers at the college did not receive increments.

He said their salary are above the grade to receive such increments, however with Government good will gesture this season, he is of the opinion that they too should be on the receiving end.

Grimes is calling on the Government to not make grandeur promises that they can’t or don’t intend to keep.

He said “the union is asking Government to not just make grand promises when they are in parliament, but to understand the plight of workers and to not over promise and under deliver, Deliver to the workers at the statutory bodies.

The union he said has also been in negotiation with the Grenada Investment Development Corporation, therefore the PWU Grimes said is advocating for these workers, who salaries are small scaled, to also receive bonus.

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