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New Variant of COVID-19 Detected in South Africa Has Concerning Mutations

South African scientists said they identified a new coronavirus variant that has a concerning number of mutations.

The variant was first identified in May in the South African provinces of Mpumalanga and Gauteng, where Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria, are situated, the scientists said in a research paper. 

It’s since been found in seven other countries in Africa, Oceania, Asia and Europe. The new variant is called C.1.2. 

This variant of Covid-19 is said to be more resistant to vaccines and easily transmissible due to it’s sticky nature.   The mutations on the virus “are associated with increased transmissibility” and an increased ability to evade antibodies, the scientists said. “It is important to highlight this lineage given its concerning constellation of mutations.”

Changes in the virus have driven successive waves of the coronavirus with the delta variant, first found in India, now pushing up infection rates across the world. Mutations are first classified as variants of interest by the World Health Organization. Once they are identified as being more severe or transmissible, they’re termed variants of concern.

C.1.2. evolved from C.1., a lineage of the virus that dominated infections in the first wave of the virus in South Africa in mid-2020.

As of August 20, there has been a record of over 80 cases of C.1.2 discovered in over 10 countries to include China, United kingdom and Switzerland.

There are 4 additional variants called Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. The most common variant of covid-19 causing havoc worldwide is said to be Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Despite taking the vaccine, there’s a likelihood that you may catch the coronavirus again.

The C.1.2 is said to be made up from several other variants of covid-19 to include the spiked protein and is proven to be more transmissible than other variants.


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