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Cuba vaccination rate highest in Latin America, Haiti lowest

Cuban became 1st country in Latin America with 80.9% of the Cuban population fully vaccinated. The nation has been mention to be the first in the region to manufacture its own COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The vaccination statistics of Cuba that was updated by the Ministry of Health showed that there had been 9,048,689 people who have been partially vaccinated and 5,019,799 have been fully vaccinated. The total of targetted people is 11,180,000 people.

78.9% of the population in Uruguay had been partially vaccinated with at least one dose. The least vaccinated country is Haiti at just 0.4%, equivalent to 43,000 people.

Cuba has primarily used their homegrown vaccines, Soberana 02 and Abdala and in some regions supplemented the vaccine doses with China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

The country has made this achievement due to Cuba’s development Biotech industry. Cuba’s Ambassador in Bolivia, Danilo Sanchez, said to Kawsachun News.

Cuba had been manufacturing vaccines for a long time before the start of the Covid pandemic, for 30 years, Cuban scientists have been producing plenty of various kinds of vaccines. Now there are about 10 vaccines given by Cuba that are being used in the country for numerous illnesses.

Cuba had achieved this recognition due to the initiative that was taken by Fidel Castro decades ago to strengthen Cuban science. Cuba is a small country, with 11 million people. The national territory had 1/10th of the size of Bolivia. This nation doesn’t have enough natural resources, so they had to develop humanistic talent in the middle of difficult conditions due to the blockade.

Since the start of the pandemic, Cuba has suffered 7,330 deaths and has a mortality rate of 0.84%, lower than the global average of 2.05% and much lower than the average in the Americas, which stands at 2.46%. (Associates Times)

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