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Government reveals 200 hundred bracelets are on island

Two hundred (200) bracelets have arrived on island which will be used to track those persons who arrive on island and are in self-quarantine. 

Cabinet confirmed the news today during their Post Cabinet Press brefing. 

The objective of the bracelets is to ensure that those placed in quarantine do not leave the spaces to which they agree to be restricted during a fourteen-day period, in a concerted effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Minister of Information Melford Nicholas reported that the technicians are tweaking the systems to ensure that the bracelets work as intended.

He further mentioned that training will be done with health officials regarding the use of these bracelets and interpreting their information. 

He is confident that with this new intiative not only will security be improved regarding the spread of covid but ‘the surveillance of those in self-quarantine will be strengthened.

It was further revealed that an additional 300 bracelets will be acquired following the application of this first set.

When the Parliament convenes next Tuesday, December 15, the bracelets will be made legal, and the regulations amended. There is also every possibility that the Parliament will pass legislation governing those passengers who arrive in Antigua without a Covid-19 negative PCR Test; those passengers will be fined, tested at the airport, and quarantined at their own expense, as is being done in several Caribbean countries.

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