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Caucasian woman fined for stealing from supermarket

A caucasian woman from Antigua was ordered to $92.80 the total for the amount of items she stole from the Epicurean supermarket a few days ago. The woman, Nancy Nicholson, was seen on camera going through the pharmacy aisle placing several items into her handbag. She was also observed putting some items into a shopping cart.

Nicholson then went to the cashier and paid for the items in the cart by cheque and left the Frairs Hill road establishment.

The security guard at the exit door stopped her and checked her bag against the items on the receipt, it was noticed that she had  four items including belgium chocolate and bandages which did not appear on her receipt and were not paid for, the police were called in to investigate.

The 57 year-old woman, admitted to the offence today in the magistrate court  and her laywer Jan Peltier told the court that it was a “genuine mistake”. Peltier went on to say that her client is remorseful and offered to pay  for the goods when caught.  Though the items were returned, the woman was fined.

Earlier this week, a former teacher pleaded guilty to stealing almost $300 in groceries from the same supermarket. The 41 year-old was emotional as she said: “I am still trying to figure out what went wrong with me.” The unemployed mother of three was reprimanded and discharged.

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