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Residents accuse police of going overboard with tickets for so-called breaches of mask regulation

Several persons have taken to social media to express their feelings after being ticketed by the Police for not wearing their masks.

Members of the Executive, as well as law-enforcement officers, have warned residents that they face a $500 fine for not wearing their masks in public, which is mandatory under Regulations of the Infectious Diseases Act.

One man claims he was inside his vehicle when an officer ticketed him for not wearing the protective gear. 

However, it was only last week that the Head of the Traffic Department told the Good Morning Sass Show on Progressive 107.3FM that persons in their vehicles are not required to wear a mask.  But they risk being ticketed once they leave the confines of their vehicle without it, he warned.

Accordingly, the man was questioning whether to challenge the ticket in court; but he says he will pay it to avoid the hassle.

While the the issuing of a ticket is up to officers’ discretion, another man says he was standing in front of his own gate without a mask when he was ticketed.

He says he tried to explain that he had just come to the gate and was going back into his yard.  However, the man alleges that the officer told him he was “giving attitude,” and thus he gave him the ticket.

Yet another man posted that, while walking on the All Saints Road, he received a ticket, as well.  He is upset with the police officer, because he says his mask was under his chin and he was not in close proximity to anyone at the time.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne is cautioning persons to avoid wearing their masks in this way, since it is an irresponsible practice that can lead to community spread of the deadly virus.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Department Head says the Police will continue to clamp down on those persons who persistently break the law.

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