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“Mr. DPP Please Clear Your NAME!”

In what many Nationals are considering a serious indictment against the Prime Minister, as to whether or not he presided over or accepted corruption knowingly in his Government.  Many persons were left in shock as a text circulated last weekend which it is alleged the Prime Minister wrote to another Member of Parliament accusing him of paying the DPP to protect him in the past.  

The section of the text read “Kindly note, that it’s not beyond me, to get law enforcement to reopen the IHI case and to remove the DPP who you corruptly paid to protect you in the past.”

To date the DPP have not responded even via a press release, only to keep his silence to this very serious accusation. Members of the public have now began to question if the allegations are indeed true? If the alleged statement in the widely circulated message is true then the DPP have serious ethical questions to answer. If they are not true then the Prime Minister owes him a public apology.  

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