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Leaking roof during recent rain highlights the plight of officers working at Parham Police Station

Officers at the Parham Police Station continue to call for relocation, or for the station to be fixed immediately, after rain leaked into the building last week, wetting a number of important documents.

A 27-second video now in circulation shows the leaking ceiling, with water running down the walls, onto a cupboard and filing cabinet, and then onto the floor.

The water was leaking in at an area where electrical and phone wires are run.

Officers attached to the Station have made several earlier pleas for the authorities to address the condition of the dilapidated station.

Several months ago, members of the Police Welfare Association (PWA) held what amounted to protest action against the poor working conditions to which they are subjected daily. This action, which spanned several days, was targeted at other stations with similar shortcomings, including Bolans.

In a recent letter to the Association, Prime Minister Gaston Browne promised to effect repairs to both the Parham and Bolans Police Stations “as soon as the resources become available.” He has made this pledge on several previous occasions.

In his letter to Chairman of the PWA Sergeant Rosevelt Browne, the Prime Minister reminded the body that the Police Headquarters,  constructed in 1973, was now being finished after 47 years.

He said repair work on the edifice is nearing completion, pointing out that it is his government that has undertaken the correction of what he calls the “inequity.”

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