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Transport Board Manager says that social distancing and sanitizing school buses will help keep students safe

Arif Jonas, Network Manager at the Transport Board, says the school bus system has been ramped up for the reopening of schools next Monday, September 7.

The Government has promised that social distancing will be maintained on the buses to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, in addition to social distancing, Jonas says the buses will be sanitized on a frequent basis.

He says that spot-sanitizing will be carried out by the conductors after each drop-off, and the buses will undergo a complete sanitizing protocol every Sunday.  Jonas explains that an electrostatic process will be used to sanitize the buses – a system similar to what is currently used by airlines and hospitals.

The Network Manager says that this method of cleaning the buses is very safe and poses no risk to the students, drivers or conductors. As it is now mandatory to wear face masks in public, the practice must also be observed on the school buses.

Jonas says that students will be closely monitored to ensure that all protocols are being adhered to and the risks of spreading the virus are minimized.  There are 44 school buses in the current fleet, with two electric vehicles having been added last week as part of a pilot project.

Additionally, the Government has committed to observe social-distancing by contracting private buses to help transport the students.

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