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Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette Denies Asot’s Claims of Assistance

I, Tevaughn Harriette, popularly known as “Peter Redz,” wish to respond to a statement made by Mr. Asot Michael, Member of Parliament for the St. Peter Constituency, while on the Browne and Browne Show on Pointe FM on Saturday August 22, 2020:

According to reports in the press and on social media, MP Michael informed listeners that he paid for persons to register with the St. Peter Branch of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in order to vote for me [in the upcoming primary].

I wish to make it absolutely clear that I, Tevaughn Harriette, have never requested, nor received, any money from MP Asot Michael to register any individual with the UPP for the pending primary in the constituency.  

I am therefore requesting that MP Michael cease and desist from such untruthful and possibly intoxicated statements.

Further, I wish to condemn his unwarranted attack on Ms. Donna Chaia, a native of Parham Town, who merely echoed the sentiments of many Constituents with regard to his stewardship as the Member of Parliament for St. Peter.  

I find Mr. Michael’s statement both distasteful and unprofessional for a Parliamentarian and not what the people of St. Peter require in a representative. 

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