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Strict Work Permits Rules in place By Labour Department

On the heels of the announcement by Deputy General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union Chester Hughes on state media of a potential rise in unemployment as a result of the fallout from the COVID -19 pandemic. 

The Labour Department have issued a Press Release calling for ALL vacancies in Antigua and Barbuda to be advertised with the One Stop Employment Centre of the Labour Department located upstairs Beauty Rama on the 3rd floor of the Aflak Building on Radcliffe Street.

The Labour commissioner also cautioned individuals whose work permit have expired to

CEASE working immediately. The Labour Commissioner also reminded permit holders that once their employment relationship ends, their work permit cease to be valid and cannot be used to work for another employer.  

The release also informed that all new work permit application MUST be accompanied by the proper proof of advertisement.  The Commissioner also had a stern warning to Employers informing them that work permits will only be renewed for skills not readily available on island.

Deputy General Secretary Chester Hughes in his interview also warned of difficult days ahead for people in this country as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on.  Hughes is calling on people to be prepared for the long haul, and to change their lifestyles to match the difficult economic times ahead.

This new development will no doubt be a concern for all holders of work permits as their future in employment in Antigua and Barbuda may be in doubt at this time as a result of this policy directive from the Labour Department. ` 

This release also comes at a time after the implementation of new work permit application fees in July 2020 to coincide with the convenience of doing business at the Labour department. Work permit fee were also reviewed in 2017. 

Trumpet News will continue to follow this developing story of national importance.

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