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Hit and Run Victim still Struggling

A middle age man has completely lost his ability to work and provide for his family due to a hit-and run accident in  mid-March which has left him nursing an injury to the left hand.

Months later Milton Walker, a contractor by profession, is at home not working and his medical bills, as a result of the accident are piling up.

He is still hoping that the driver of the SUV would come forward and accept culpability for the accident and assist him with his medical expenses.

The 54-year-man told the Antiguan Trumpet yesterday that he was walking along Independence Avenue, on the left side of the road heading to Ramco Building when he attempted to cross the road.

Before completely the cross he was struck by a goldfish coloured SUV.

He explained the driver stopped a few yards from the accident scene before driving off and due to the shock and pain he was experiencing,  he was not conscious enough to take note of the registration number or anything else to provide police with a better description of the vehicle.

“I have been to the hospital and after an examination they told me that I did  not suffer any broken bones. However, I feel pain day and night and not even the strongest pain killers works.

“From the hospital I also went to the Belmont Clinic for a second opinion and I just continue spending. My medical expense is now over $3,000.00. I am pleading with the person that did this to me would come forward and help me. I am home and not working,” Walker said.

This is the second time the elderly father of one is reaching out to the local media in hope that the driver of the said vehicle would aid in his cause.

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