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Customer Service – An enjoyable professional experience – Part II

” By Hazel Luke”

It has to become our identity! And when your business name is being touted, you're identified by-par excellence customer service-care by all those who patronize your business.

We must raise our community to the level where they challenge us to provide even greater service, but I find that the community takes a lot of mediocre service from their service providers nearly in all areas of business conducted on this island. Where there are isolated superb performances of customer service-care, the number is too small to measure us a place of outstanding services.

Those who provide the services, whether you are in the bank or bread shop, must clearly understand that you are face-to-face with individuals who, if they are not satisfied can take their business from you to another bank, a credit union, or save it at home, or the other group persons can purchase bread another place, or bake their own bread themselves. Either ways poor service can decrease your business.

When the customer service-care is of a high frequency, persons patronize no matter the cost.

They feel at home because an emotional bond of service has been established between the consumer making a purchase and a representative of the company that is selling, and they go there because of the people then the product, and they purchase the product because of the people.

Customer service-care is important because loyal customers will definitely bring new customers to your business, and their testimonials about your brand or product will convince others to patronize, and that is sometimes even far more profitable than marketing, as a matter of fact it is cheaper.

I want to encourage better and more improved service on our island, and maybe, just maybe if we were being more courteous, kind, helpful, gracious, creative, professional and passionate, we would have happier customers.

The area that customer service representatives missed always, and continue to miss, is that Customer Service represent the brand image, mission and values of the Business, and a positivenor negative behavior speaks volume in those areas.

When a business invests in customer service-care by making everyone inclusive, it provides a lifetime customer experience. They will be with you forever, no matter the cost, even if location is changed, they will find you.

Let excellent customer service-care be the new normal!

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