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UTA Members Accompany Tourism Minister on Tour of Royalton Chic Resort

Members of the UTA, Royalton Resorts Regional Manager, & Minister of Tourism.

Executive members of the United Taxi Association (UTA), recently received a VIP tour of the new Royalton Chic property which welcomed its first official guests last week.

Tourism Minister the Hon. Charles Fernandez not only recommended the tour, but accompanied the transportation service providers on the opportunity to ‘experience what they sell’.

The tourism minister is of the view that workers within the industry must experience the product they market to visitors and potential visitors on a regular basis.

The 5-star property has come in for rave reviews from the newly elected UTA members, namely President Ian Joseph, Vice President Dwayne Francis, Secretary Emelda Frank, and Trustee Bernadette Jarvis.

According to the UTA President, “this is a total transformation from what was here and I am very much impressed. We’re extremely delighted to have such a first-class product added to our slate of offerings here in Antigua and Barbuda”.

Craig Marshall, Regional Manager for Royalton stated Royalton Chic is perhaps the most complete in the line of hotel products.

“We have 7 restaurants, 5 bars, 4 pools, in a very luxurious setting including our signature Diamond Club where the amenities include butler service, concierge service, all at an upgraded level”, outlined Mr. Marshall.

Resort occupancy is already rising during the soft launch period of April to May, with bookings signaling high occupancy during the ICC Cricket World Cup event in June and beyond into the summer months.

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