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Don’t Let Gaston Fool You on Cost of Living

Dear editor

Gaston Browne is trying to blame Russia for the rapid rise in costs at our supermarkets. I do not believe him. 

The costs have been going up for many months now and they are likely to continue to rise. And, the Prime Minister and his government  is doing nothing about it. 

While it is certainly a global phenomena, it is up to the various governments to make policy changes to address it. In his budget speech, Prime Minister Browne did not mention cost of living even once! 

On the other hand, the UPP has a plan to bring down the cost of living. While it will not solve all our problems, it is clear that the UPP is evaluating the problems of the country and coming up with positive developmental ideas. That is what we need to see in a government.

The UPP’s focus will be on reducing a variety of duty and taxes on key goods to address the cost side. And, to address the income side, the party plans to increase the minimum wage according to Mr Lovell are sound plans I believe will work. 

These are real plans of action to help people during these difficult times. This is what we need in a government – PLANS! Not just passing blame. 

This election can’t come soon enough!

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