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Three Amazing Secluded Beaches in Antigua

It is said that the islands of Antigua and Barbuda have a beach for every day of the year, and yet sometimes it feels like there are not enough beaches. More than often, I’ve heard people say “Me tired a go the same beach every weekend.”  

In many ways, the human brain prefers familiarity, but it’s actually healthy to try new and different things. As a matter of fact, we, as humans, get more enjoyment from new adventures and experiences rather than sticking to the ordinary. In this article, we will be sharing with you 3 of the best unpopular beaches in the sunny twin island state.  

 Although Seaforth has been in the media spotlight in recent times, it still makes number one on our list. This mile-long stretch of powdery sand and serene water might just be the most tranquil spots on the island. The entire area is surrounded by lush green hillsides and mangroves; And talk about secluded- You won’t need to worry about crowds here. Seaforth is a 10-minute drive from the main road in Jennings village where it is located, and is usually the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for Sleeping Indian hikers.  

This postcard worthy beach is accessible to the public and (we hope it stays that way) can be reached by any four-wheel drive vehicle, ATV or buggy. Some activities that can be enjoyed here include snorkelling, fishing and just lounging away from the hustle and bustle. There are no restaurants and bars nearby so be sure to pack a picnic basket with substantial water.   

Bush Bay lives up to its name- surrounded by verdant trees, this beach and Seaforth have a few things in common: Seclusion, Beauty and difficult to access. But once you get past the rocky road, the reward is unmatchable. A quiet, magical cove perfect for a romantic getaway. Bush Bay is located 40 minutes from St Johns: A 20-minute drive from the city to Marble Hill Road and another 20 minutes’ drive through the rugged trail.

The directions are as follows:  

From Marble Hill Road, take the first left turn after Trade Winds drive. Caution: This road is very dangerous and requires a four-wheel drive vehicle or ATV.  

You can either bask in the marvellous views or soak in the aqua blue waters; or both. Snorkelling can also be enjoyed here. Be sure to take along some snacks and enough water.  

This unique little cove is situated at the end of Cockle Bay Street in Old Road- about 5-minutes away from Morris Bay. It is a very secluded beach and surrounded by lush green vegetation.  

The beach is mostly covered in reefs but there are a few spots where you can swim, fish or snorkel. Nearby on Morris Bay, you can find Gina’s cookshop where you’ll be treated to delicious local dishes and drinks as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.  

 These are just a few of the amazing unpopular beaches in Antigua and Barbuda. The island holds many beautiful treasures that are just waiting for you to explore. So, get out there and find more amazing spots! Be sure to take along your phone or camera to document your experiences.  

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