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A Tribute to Kenneth

Every once in a while, life sends us reminders to cherish each other.

These reminders can come through joyful moments, or unimaginable tragedies. They leave us treasures called memories, that fade slowly like aged polaroid pictures.

Every once in a while, life reminds us to hug for an extra minute, to take mental images before pulling out a camera, because some moments cannot be revisited, not even through keepsakes.

How beautiful it is to know someone beautiful, and how painful it must be to have known a beautiful soul for not long enough. Kenneth Mathew was such a soul, with his entire heart illuminating through his eyes and his smile.

He wore his benevolence on his sleeve, expressed his compassion proudly, and inspired every person he interacted with. His aspiration to be a medical professional was just one of the ways he chose to help humanity.

It is beyond heartbreaking to say goodbye to the person who brought so much happiness and peace to those who loved and knew him. One can only hope that his memory lives on in their hearts, and shelters it from the traumas of grief.

In the short time that he graced this earth, there is no question that he impacted many lives. His family, his friends, his mentors…… in knowing this, I hope that his legacy lives on.

When you think of him, think of his witty yet humble personality, his genuine mannerisms, and the peace that radiated in his presence. When you think of him, think of him smiling.

Fly on Kenneth. Fly on.

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