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Homeless, Hungry, and Hurting in Antigua

Every day, homeless, hungry, and hurting souls wander the streets of Antigua.

Nabo Irish, a 42-year-old homeless man who has been in this situation for years, revealed that his predicament is due to drug addiction.

Irish, who is in desperate need of assistance, indicated that he is eager to enroll in any program that will help him be a healthier, more productive member of society.

It’s a daily fight for him, and the grief he feels is indescribable, he added. He just lost his partner, who was also homeless, in addition to the hardships he endures.

She died after falling from the same building where he stays at night in St. John’s Antigua, which is also occupied by other homeless people.

Irish is looking for aid and a way out of his present circumstances, which includes addiction, homelessness, hunger, and grief.

“Every day I look for work, but it seems like there is no hope for me, so I go out on the street and beg dollar after dollar until it adds up, in order to buy food to eat, and when I buy my food, the other homeless steals it from me, and most of the time I am left without anything to eat,” Irish explained while in tears.

These men and women use cardboards to sleep on at night to keep warm from the cold concrete floor.

“I’m battling every day,” Irish said, “I can’t remember the last time I had a nice meal, a good sleep, or a good bath; it’s extremely rough out here.”

He ended by saying, “Insects like centipedes, mosquitos, rats, roaches, and bugs torture me nightly  and the sad thing is, I don’t have doctor money.”

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