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Dr. Cleon Athill addressed Punishment and the Behavioural Management in our nation’s system

The issue of corporal punishment in schools remains topical in Antigua and Barbuda as people from a wide cross section of the public continues to give their opinion on the matter.
Corporal punishment remains on the books here but Psychologist, Dr Cleon Athill, is renewing the call for it to be scraped in schools.
Athill warns that beating children can leave them with mental or emotional scars for the rest of their lives.
The Ministry of Education has launched a Positive Behaviour Management  programme but many critics, including Athill say it does not address the root of the problem.
“The problem with the behaviour management program I think  the Ministry of Education has instituted is based on the old notion that lets fix the child, that’s gone And so we need to shift from that into children are assets and they need to develop. So it’s a whole new mindset,” Athill said.
“The Ministry of Education Behaviour Management program needs to change the school culture, provide proper support for teachers, and provide better tools for parents.”
Äthill continued by stating,”So we don’t go about for children when they misbehave to beat them but we give them opportunities to engage in the behaviours that we expect.”

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