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Ukraine and CARICOM Ambassadors confer in Washington

CARICOM Ambassadors in Washington and the Ambassadors of Ukraine to the United States and the United Nations held a meeting this morning to review the situation in Ukraine.

Sir Ronald Sanders

The meeting was organized and hosted by Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States, Sir Ronald Sanders who is the Dean of the Caribbean Diplomatic Corps.

Ambassador Sanders said the meeting was held in the context of the rising tensions surrounding Ukraine and the implications for global peace and economic stability.

The Ambassadors of the Ukraine expressed their appreciation for the meeting, pointing out that even at this late hour, it is necessary for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to realize that the world community would be very distressed over any military action in Ukraine.

Oksana Markarova, the Ukraine Ambassador to the US, stressed that Ukraine has been an independent country for centuries and has always resisted its annexation by force by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Russia. She said that the Ukraine is committed to resisting any incursions into its territory, and its people are prepared to defend its territorial integrity.

Ambassador Sanders acknowledged that the Ukraine is the breadbasket for many countries in Europe and the Middle East, and that military conflict would disrupt the supply chain of food, causing shortages and increasing food prices globally. He also stated that the Caribbean region would be very concerned about any military activity that leads to a disruption in oil supplies and an escalation in cost of oil and gas.  

The Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations. Sergiy Kyslytsia, thanked CARICOM countries for their defense of the principles of self-determination, sovereignty and territorial integrity that are shared by CARICOM and Ukraine.

The Ambassadors collectively agreed that their meeting was very useful and committed to consult over the situation.

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