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China- Woman Forced to Spend Lockdown with Her Blind Date

On this week’s episode of weird pandemic experiences- a woman in Hong Kong was forced to spend days with her blind date after the officials unexpectedly sealed off the community while they were on their date.  

30-year-old Wang (only name given), left home for a blind date on January 6 in her hometown of Zhengzhou, a city in central China grappling with a coronavirus outbreak. The pair had planned a home cooked dinner but did not expect it to last more than one night.  

“I’m getting old now, my family introduced me to 10 matches,” she said in a video on social media before she left. “The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner.” 

Wang says that just as she was about to go home, she was informed that the whole neighbourhood had gone into a swift lockdown. Therefore, she was stuck at her date’s house for days. She posted videos of co-living experience on social media, showing her date cooking meals for her, sweeping the floor and working on his computer. The videos quickly went viral, and her encounter became a top trending topic on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform. 

“During quarantine, I feel that apart from him being reticent like a wooden mannequin, everything else about him is pretty good. He cooks, cleans the house and works. Although his cooking isn’t very good, he’s still willing to spend time in the kitchen, I think that’s great,” she said in an interview. 

On Monday Wang said that she had hidden her original video from her account after it went viral. “Right now, I’m still at the man’s house. He’s an inarticulate, honest person and he doesn’t talk much. After my video became trending (on Weibo), some friends started calling him — I think it has affected his life. That’s why I removed it,” she explained in a post online. 

“Thanks everyone for your attention … I hope the pandemic will end soon and that single girls can find a relationship soon.” 

As of Thursday, it is unclear whether Wang is still living at her date’s house. 

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