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Kentucky- Baby Brothers Miraculously Survive Tornado

It was nothing short of a miracle when two infants survived a terrible tornado that hit the state last week. The boys- 15-month-old Kaden and 3-month-old Dallas were placed in a bathtub by their grandmother and covered with pillows and blankets and a bible. She held onto the tub however, when the tornado hit, the tub was thrown from the house.

Next thing I knew, the tub had lifted and it was out of my hands,” the grandmother said. “I couldn’t hold on. I just – oh my God.”

After water tank from the tub hit her head, said she began looking everywhere among the wreckage for the children. Her house was stripped to the foundation.

“All I could say was, ‘Lord please bring my babies back safely. Please, I beg thee,'” she said.

Rescue workers later found the infants almost unharmed and reunited them with their family and taken to the hospital.

The tornadoes left at least 76 people dead in Kentucky last week, destroying hundreds of properties.

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