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Family Robbed over the holiday weekend

On Monday, two young tall males attempted to rob a husband, wife, and the couple’s sister around the shallow end of Jabberwock, just east below the dunes from the kiteboarding trailer.

The one on the left had a front-facing golf club, while the one on the right had a back-facing golf club. Both were dressed in face masks, t-shirts, and bandanas.

One had dreadlocks and was taller, while the other was lighter-skinned and had multiple tattoos.

Following a confrontation, the two males fled. With a pistol, the lighter-skinnedguy threatened the family.

“He had a swirly tattoo design on his left upper outer tricep/bicep area and numerals or characters on his chest that were fairly huge,” the wife added.

The family said they didn’t know if the other man had tattooed skin or not. However, they recollect a darker-skinned man passing them earlier in the day, wearing red high-top Converse and saying hello.

“They obviously stereotyped us as tourists since we were wearing white and drove a rented car,” the wife stated.

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