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CBH experiences less manpower due to the new vaccine mandate

More than half of the people tasked with the responsibility of carrying out inspections related to the COVID-19 policies at the Central Board of Health CBH are currently off the job as a result of the government’s vaccine mandate.

This is according to Chief Health inspector Sharon Martin.

That department had already been understaffed and stretched, and now with the decrease in manpower, the situation has become more challenging.

In speaking with the Chief she stated that “Public Health Inspectors and Environmental Health Aids are the ones who have to go around business places. Vaccine resistance makes some of them not available right now to carry out the work so I have my hand running over.”

When asked about the possible outcome she expressed that, “some officers are very resistant, eight out of fourteen, so we will have to wait and see. I cannot foretell what will happen.”

She had announced recently that it was difficult for her department to carry out inspections at business establishments as efficient as they would like since there were not enough people to do so.

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