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Caribbean Development’s Acquisition Promises Regeneration of Local Community

Sabana Holdings Ltd. and its Principal Mr. Robert Gillespie, have acquired Caribbean Development Antigua Limited (CDAL). The acquisition follows the recent purchase of the Jolly Harbour Marina and Boatyard in May 2021.

Speaking about the acquisition, Jo Lucas, General Manager of the Jolly Harbour Marina said: “I’m really quite excited about this acquisition and look forward to seeing the muchneeded changes that will restore the charisma and charm that has been lost over the years.  It will be wonderful to see Jolly Harbour Marina Village evolve into a unique hub of activity for everyone to relax and enjoy once again.”                          

Several investment projects have been planned to support the regeneration and development of the Jolly Harbour environs.  Included in these projects is – the construction of additional residential properties, rejuvenation of the commercial centre, and upgrading of the golf course.  

At present, Sabana Holdings is actively recruiting a General Manager who will be tasked with overseeing and managing the re-development of the area.

Mr. Gillespie, a Jolly Harbour homeowner himself, said “We are thrilled to be taking over ownership of Jolly Harbour. I am excited about the positive changes that will soon be underway to transform the area into one that benefits the residents and larger community.” He added, “Jolly Harbour is a wonderful location. We want to involve the community in this transformation by sharing our plans and listening to their ideas.”

In the coming months, the new management will invite residents and other stakeholders to a town hall meeting where further details on the planned improvements and developments will be presented. It is hoped that both residents and stakeholders will use the opportunity to provide necessary feedback in the spirit of collaboration.

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