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Barbados has confirmed over 84 family clusters of COVID-19

Faced with the worst situation, Barbados has confirmed over 84 family clusters of COVID-19 as a result of Delta variant spread, a highly contagious strain.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has described the situation as nothing to be trifled with. She asked all people to spread the word across the island that the country is witnessing the spread of the high contagious virus Delta in Barbados and an increased number of families are infected from the virus.

PM Mottley said that since September 1 till September 12, over 84 families in Barbados have been infected by the virus. She said that health authorities felt that there has to be a different approach that defines the capacity to include the whole nation and reach every citizen of the country irrespective of where they are.

She further added that not every person in the country watches television or listens to the radio. Therefore people of the country will have to spread the word, “We also have to change our behaviour in terms of how we relate to each other, particularly those with whom we are most comfortable and see most often.”

She urged people to get on board and bring others along. She also emphasized that the government has done everything they could do at the policy level to stem the spread of COVID-19 with the inclusion of several key stakeholders of the society.

She asserted that spread the message to people to get vaccinated, she entrusted in people of Barbados and said, “I know within my soul of soul that Barbados can win this battle.” There are people who will not take the vaccine, but in society, the majority of people will step up and act to protect the whole world.

Barbados has confirmed 78 new cases of COVID-19 on September 12, bringing a total number of cases to 5,984. Whereas, over 738 persons are under isolation and total of 52 deaths have been confirmed related to the COVID-19. (Associates Times)

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