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Dr George Mansoor “I hope I am wrong”

We are standing at the ultimate cliff. 

No, I do not mean that we in the Caribbean will have another covid 19 wave. That is certain. 

I also don’t mean that mandatory vaccinations will become more required. That is obvious.

I don’t mean that the majority of those who will be hospitalized and get real sick will be the vaccine abstainers and those with the vaccine with weak immune systems. That is already here.

I do mean that in 3-4 months we could end up where we started with a covid variant that has escaped immunity and required a full rework of treatments and vaccines. In other words we are back to minimal or no immunity to covid-19 and it will take its toll.

This is the reality we must face and plan for as we look down the steep cliff ahead of us. 

At no other time in the last 100 years has cooperation on survival been more important. Time is short and getting shorter.

I hope I am wrong.


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