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Shortage of oxygen, spike in cases worries India as it reports 346,786 cases a day

Covid-19 pandemic situation in India is getting more worse. India today, recorded total of 3,46,786 new COVID-19 cases, the highest numbers till the pandemic started.

The second wave of Covid-19 has made the condition more unpleasant in India.India is running short of Oxygen cyl inders in various hospitals of different states. The government of India has announced that they need 50 000 tonnes of medical oxygen as cases of covid-19 increase across the country.

The situation is so aggravated that there are no beds available in many of the hospitals, and patients are sitting outside the hospitals. Many patients died lying outside the hospitals after the hospitals turned away patients in need of oxygen support or ventilators.

Hospitals are struggling to accommodate breathless patients. Social media feeds and WhatsApp groups are full of distraught requests for oxygen cylinders.

Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujrat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi face an acute shortage of oxygen cylinders. Many hospitals in the Uttar Pradesh state of India have put “oxygen out of stock” boards outside their hospitals.

Usually, hospitals of India consume 15% of the oxygen, but amid a surge in the second wave of COVID-19, India’s hospitals acquire 90% of the oxygen. Just two weeks ago, India mark 144,000 Covid-19 cases in a day and now the n

This morning due to oxygen shortage, six patients died in Amritsar’s private hospitals. Doctors, Nurses and families of the COVID-19 patients are feeling helpless over the current situation.

Many companies like- Tata Group and Reliance have decided to provide oxygen cylinders to various states. Xiaomi company has also agreed to 3 crores to India for 1,000 oxygen cylinders.

During the political rallies in West Bengal, no leader was seen wearing masks and following the COVID-19 protocols. The question here arises is, “Is rallies are more important than the people of the nation?” . If leaders themselves are not following the guidelines, then how they will expect people to follow the protocols.

Seeing the current situation, we can clearly see that for these so-called political leaders, their seats are more important to them despite the health and welfare of the citizens.

Even people at public places are not following the COVID-19 protocols and still some people are taking COVID very lightly.

There are total of 25.5 lakh active cases in India, and it is about to touch the margin of around 2 lakh deaths. It’s high time the Government of India must wake up and do something to control this second wave unless this wave will leave us with nothing.

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