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Two identified for Covid-19 breaches

Two people who broke quarantine protocols have been identified by the government’s Covid-19 tracking bracelets.

The devices assist in ensuring that people required to quarantine or self-isolate avoid mixing with the public and several individuals have been selected at random this week to participate in the pilot phase upon arrival at the VC Bird International Airport.

During the post-Cabinet press briefing, Information Minister Melford Nicholas said that the Minister of Health had reported that by Wednesday afternoon, “the command center and the quarantine authority had already identified two such persons who were assigned bracelets and left the prescribed quarantine area and moved into a local shopping district”.

Nicholas further explained, “The authorities were able to identify their location and swooped down on them. The result of that intervention is not yet known to me, but I imagine that the quarantine authority and the local police may make a determination in terms of how they would deal with those two offenders,” he explained. 

The government has acquired 200 bracelets and is expecting an additional 300 more in order to help manage quarantine protocols.

The devices are connected to the Ministry of Health’s command centre and use geo-fencing technology, requiring sim cards.

The devices come online as health officials record a rise in Covid-19 cases and an additional death related to the virus. 

The Ministry of Health has recorded 184 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with 22 active cases.

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