Home Business Several applications made for medicinal cannabis production

Several applications made for medicinal cannabis production

Five applications have been made thus far for medicinal cannabis licenses. This was revealed by Cabinet earlier today. 

In the Cabinet notes, it was explained that of those five applications only one provisional license has been granted. It did not go into detail on who or which company has been given permission.

The fee for a license is $325,000 and there are to be no waivers, the Cabinet agreed.  The law anticipates that for religious purposes, Cannabis grown by approved Rastafarian groups, will not have those fees apply, but will still be required to abide by other strictures as articulated in the law.

The Board further required an injection of funds and the addition of seven employees “to allow it to function”.  According to the notes, “the employees will be drawn from government departments, since there are to be no new hirings within the public sector”. 

Government affirmed that funds will be provided to allow this sector to begin to yield returns as anticipated when the law was adopted.

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