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Pensioners Association joins cries of senior citizens, who complain about lengthening delays in pension payments

The Pensioners Association is expressing concern over the continued late payments to pensioners by the Social Security Scheme.

In a press release issued today, the President of the Association, Evans Bennett, says the financial implications on the over 7,000 pensioners arefar reaching and of significant consequence.

He explains that pensioners are unable to make timely payments on theirbank or credit-union loans and to their insurance companies.

Therefore, Bennett is pleading with the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance to facilitate the on-time payment of pensions in order to ease the financial pressure on seniors.

Up to today, October 21, retirees were calling in to Progressive FM with complaints about their long-overdue Social Security pensions. 

Several said that calls to the Scheme were not being answered, while one woman reported that she telephones her bank two and three times a day to find out whether her account has been credited.

All expressed frustration and anger at their treatment at the hands of the current Administration, especially since some elderly persons have been taking the bus into town, only to be disappointed at the banks and find themselves further out of pocket.

Government Spokesman Lionel “Max” Hurst recently blamed the increasingly later payments on the economy, and essentially said the situation will continue until the planes and ships begin coming here regularly.

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